11 Messages

11 Messages can be considered an excerpt of the philosophy of Ra'i - Ra'i in the basics and in a nutshell.

The Manifesto, which includes the fundamentals of the philosophy/religion of The Church of Joy, was created at the dawn of time (2014/3174). However, due to the large volume of the Manifesto, it was necessary to develop the "Mini Manifesto", containing the most important ideas touched upon in the original one. It was not devised until 2018/3178, in the form of 11 Messages, along with the change/clarification of the name The Church of Joy to The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE.

11 Messages are also the response of The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE and the Ra'i philosophy to the Judaic and Christian's Ten Commandments. 11 Messages are not, however, a polemic with what was but a completely new message that holistically generalizes everything that up until now had had the ambitions to, philosophically and religiously, organize the world of the human being.

Quoting the classics: 'We do not abrogate a verse or cause it to be forgotten except that We bring forth (one) better than it or similar to it.
Do you not know that God is over all things competent?!'
(Quran, Surah Al-Baqarah, 2:106)



I. When describing reality, we as human beings should, above all, make use of principles of that logic which we perceive as dominant within the existence of our species. The fundamental law of the logic of our reality is the principle of causality - everything always has its cause.

II. The Creator of our reality (God) is a multidimensional, intelligent force, conventional to our scope of comprehension, whose will and action are the primary cause and ultimate purpose of the existence of our reality, including us ourselves. Proof of the Creator's existence stems from the principle of causality.

III. The material reality noticed by the human being is part of a larger structure. Phenomena taking place within it affect the area of our reality. All of the areas existing in the energetic coalescence amount to an energetically balanced creation.

IV. All elements of the work of creation are multidimensionally joined in its Unity. The diversity of the creation and its way of functioning based on the existence of balancing opposites is the language of expression used by the Creator.

V. Everything that already existed, exists, or will exist in the human linear comprehension of time is already completely included within the creation. The entire work of creation is our home - both during our temporal life as well as upon returning it to the Creator.

VI. The Creator manages the creation through a set of rules which the human calls Nature in his or her area of existence. The human existence is inextricably associated with the laws of Nature and the sustainable environment it creates.

VII. God does not make mistakes - there is no human "sin" towards God. This concept cannot exist by definition.

VIII. World religions thus far have been nothing more than strongly archaic attempts at defining the human - Creator relation. When explaining the world they always do it in an incomplete, objectively false way every time, dividing the common world instead of uniting it. All religions use common higher energy of the Creator, available to all humans. It does not matter what someone believes in - what works is the act of faith combined with confiding in the subject of one's faith.

IX. The Creator gives human beings the opportunity to organize themselves and establish their social rights. Every human right is anchored in the superior will of God.

X. Live the way you feel you were created. You are not able to truly be the person you are truly not. Live your life consciously and shape it positively for yourself. Remember to remain close to the natural balance of states and about the universal principle of not harming others. Take care of the common existence environment.

XI. You won't be able to gain true joy of existence until you share yourself with the world, you will find it in the eyes of others. Our world's unity of existence makes us help ourselves through helping others.

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