Join us

If you find our ideas close to your heart and your conscience, it means that you must join us! It is very easy.

There is no point to wait. Life is short and time is running out. It is a shame to live with the uncertainty of who you are and what you really want to do in life. So do not hesitate!

To join our Church (become a member, not just a sympathizer) you have to meet four conditions in total:

  • 1. You have to be at least 17 years old;
  • 2. Know and accept the philosophy of Ra'i;
  • 3. Commit yourself to God that you are willing to follow the of Ra'i' Values in everyday life;
  • 4. Send us an e-mail expressing willingness to join the Church.

That's all :)

You are not charged with any financial costs of membership. Membership is voluntary, which means that you can quit the Church at any time by submitting a declaration. You do not have to resign from other churches. The only thing we require from our members is that during their earthly existence they would try to obey the values of Ra'i.

As a member of The Church of the JoY OF EXISTENCE, you have:

  • first of all, an irreplaceable sense of supra-material, individual, and community philosophical, religious and spiritual affiliation to the JE Church,
  • and:
  • the right to a 24-hour psychological, philosophical and religious, and spiritual care of Ra'i priests;
  • the right to get all help and support from members of the Church organized by the community;
  • the right to use all activities provided by the Church;
  • the right to participate in the profits from economic activities organized (in the future) within the Church;
  • the right to have a church wedding in the Ra'i ritual;
  • the right to the symbolic ritual of WELCOMING THE EXISTENCE for your newborn child;
  • the right to burial in the Ra'i ritual (the RITUAL OF PASS);
  • the right to become a priest of Ra'i;
  • the right to become a member of the managerial structures of the Church.

It does not matter where you live in the world. You can become a member of the JE Church anywhere - it's just a matter of time when for our Church to be physically established in your country. Until then, you can support us with your devotion long-distance, and be a full member of the Church.

We all have one and unique opportunity to join the exclusive group of one hundred founding members of the JE Church, join the official registration list that will probably last thousands of years. You may never get such a chance again.

Become one of the founding members of The Church of the JoY OF EXISTENCE. Become one of us!

Send us an e-mail with the necessary details (name, last name, your country, region, city and contact info), and if you feel like doing something measurable in the Church, write how you would like to contribute to the JE Church. We will need a lot of initiatives and skills of our members. The more we give from ourselves, the faster and more dynamically the JE Church will start working.

You should receive a reply within a few days.

Let Joy be with You!

We are also looking for AMBASSADORS of our ideas:

  • people of art and culture,
  • artists,
  • musicians,
  • journalists,
  • psychologists,
  • philosophers,
  • former clerics from other religions,
  • and others who want to bring some PR and other value to our project.