Church activities

The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE is at the beginning stage of its organization, so far, it is being developed only in the spare time of its members, thanks to determination and social work of a few people, therefore it still takes time.

The Church is governed by the Church Council and led by the President of the Church Council. Ultimately, the Church Council will consist of 11 members plus honorary members (exceptional authorities and outstanding donors). The Church Council will be elected in cyclic democratic elections, and all the decisions taken by the Council will be taken by voting.

In 2016. we established the first meeting place - the church - in Sosnowiec (Poland). In 2018 because of the costs, we were forced to give up that location.

We are planning to soon expand the Ra'i philosophy outside of Poland - first via the Internet and later, literally. In some time, the JE Church would like to be present (even if only symbolically in some places) across the Globe.

The functioning model of our churches - meeting places (church, Meeting Place), is going to be, approximately, the following organization:

  • In each local Church community - the so-called the religious commune (Commune) there is one married couple (Parents), who are the main founder, organizer, and administrator of the Church - Meeting Place of this Commune.
  • A priest will be sent to the Commune - a Pastor, who will be then employed by the Commune permanently. He will be responsible for the up-to-date functioning of the Commune, its development and the philosophical and religious care of its members. The Pastor's responsibilities will include: carrying out religious meetings, conversations, and giving advice, visiting those in need in their homes, providing marriage and funeral services, etc.). Someone appointed by the Commune may become a Pastor.
  • Parents will also be responsible not only for the initial investment, but also for ensuring the current financing of the Commune, including co-supporting the pastor's job. Communes will be financed through contributions and donations, and in some agreed cases, also by their local businesses. Potential losses of the Commune will have to be covered by the Parents' funds.
  • The Parents, the Pastor, and a few elected members of the Commune, will form the Commune Council, managing the present functioning of the Commune.
  • Church buildings - Meeting Places - will be used both by members of the Commune and eventually by the entire local community of the region. The main religious meeting will be held once a week, on Sundays. Moreover, the churches will also serve for prayer on Wednesdays and Fridays. Wednesday will be the day of silence, contemplation, and meditation. Friday will be the day of music, singing, dancing, and playing - the celebration of the Joy of Existence. On the remaining days, churches will be able to organize other thematic activities using the church's premises nd its infrastructure.
  • The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE is a musical church - music, vibrations of sounds, rhythm and harmony are the elements of the Divine world, and they bring the human being closer to Him, releasing the strongest emotions and energy. Ultimately, we want a music band and choir to be present in each Commune, accompanying religious meetings, enabling our members to feel deep spiritual experiences.

If you are interested in taking the position of 'Parents', write to us, but first check also here

If you wish to become a priest - CJE Pastor, also contact us (the basic criteria are: higher education, over 25 years of age , good communication skills, any gender)