Assistance activity of The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE

The idea of helping and sharing yourself with others is the basic and most important idea of the CJE. As we state in the Manifesto:

[M633]: " (...) Each time we share our happiness with others joy is multiplied, making life and the world deeper and more beautiful."

[M634]: "Sharing with others is the best possibility of proving one's worth to the world. Without sharing the joy of your life with others and without deriving joy from the surrounding world, you will end up like a lonely stem in a desert waiting for rain that will most likely never come. Let us gain Joy from giving Joy!"

Unfortunately, for now, as an institution, we have limited or even no opportunities to provide larger support to others. The Church is not legally registered yet (there is a planned registration in the Polish Home Office, once the Church has gathered a minimum of 100 members) and also has no financial resources. Our small Community of Joy of Life has an actual chance to run coordinated activities, but the crucial problem is funds. That is why, at the moment we are helping only if we can do it individually (e.g. Ghana).

We should remember that the Ra'i philosophy is directed not only to people of relatively rich regions of Europe or the world, but to the entire humanity. Ra'i is especially needed where people live far below the world average level, including places where people live below the absolute minimum.

Therefore Ra'i clearly indicates: no to religious superstitions and often "sick" prohibitions, no to greedy and ruthless capitalism of international corporations, corrupting local authorities and taking the energy of people from the overpowered countries of the third world of Africa, Asia or Southern and Latin America. We say yes to: the education and rights of local communities to generate their private and national income with their own hands .

Colonialism officially ended in the 1960s. Unofficially, however, it still persists today and it is doing better than ever. Out of necessity, it has gone underground and taken a more sophisticated form, no longer so visible to the public eye, a form which was more pleasant to accept. Today's world is colonized not only by Western European countries, but since the mid-twentieth century, the United States and recently also China and Russia.