Our Church in Ghana


The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE is present in Ghana thanks to the contacts of the Church founders, for now, entirely unofficially.

Our idea is to help others and share our potential with other people. We do not want to give money to the poor, because it will most likely be quickly consumed and will probably change very little in their lives. We want to create, as long as it is possible, lasting structures (cooperatives), which will enable local communities to, for instance, produce goods and generate their income, by competing with imported goods.

It is especially important in Africa, which is being flooded with cheap imported goods from Asia, South America, Europe, and the USA. This import very often causes a complete shutdown of local businesses. Everything they could be creating themselves - from agriculture, through agri-food processing, to light and heavy industry, is being taken away from them. Africans are not able to produce their national income. At the moment, Africa is paying for import with unprocessed natural resources, but these raw materials are soon going to run out. And then what? It is not possible to turn Africa to another Dubai...

Nowadays, we are helping our Ghanaian friends run agricultural businesses, altogether contributing to the employment of several dozen people during the season. With the development of the farm, we are planning to support the surrounding villages - mainly children by increasing the level of education, spending quality free time, and creating playgrounds.

We are posting some pictures and videos below to familiarize yourself a bit with Ghana and Ghanaians, and our activity there.


[November 2017]. The plants are managing to grow, more or less, although it could be much better.
Well, let's hope next season will be better!

[July 2017]. Finally, the container arrived, though taking twice as long as had been agreed in the contract.
Unfortunately, it's too late for the crops to yield good harvest this year. :(

Damn! Where did this driver get his driver's license! If even!?

One, two, three, push/pull!

Finally! We have our machines! Now we will rock!

[April 2017]. Packaging a container with agricultural machines in Poland to be sent to Ghana.
There was some sweat, but in the end - satisfaction from a well done job.

A big one can do more, but unfortunately not everything...

How to pack it all up to fit it?

And then this culverin!

Whoo, close, closer...

And somehow we even managed to fit a tractor at the end!

Well... see you in Ghana! The farm of joy is waiting for us! :)
'All things are difficult, before they are easy'


[2015]. The vast majority of work on the farm is unfortunately still being done manually

A joyful lunch break from working on the farm


GHANA - a more close-up look:

Children all around the world are innocent and pure (certainly spiritually ;-) )

Teaching Polish in Ghana - all things are difficult, before they are easy

Everyone, from all over the globe, is the same. We are happy because this is how we were created.
As children, we are open to the world, only with age we become distant. Luckily, not all of us :D

A typical village in southern Ghana

A typical school in a larger village - many smaller villages don't have electricity yet

Visiting a mosque with Muslim friends

Visiting the bride's home during a Muslim wedding

A town street in Ghana

Musicians don't have it easy anywhere...

According to the tradition, the deceased are often buried in accordance with their profession. The two bottom coffins are: for the priest / pastor (in the shape of the Bible) and for the cocoa grower (in the shape of the cocoa fruit)

Folk art

In many places, there is still virgin beauty of nature

Christmas in one of the friendly Christian churches of Ghana

We wish you and us that such joy of interacting with God and His energy could soon begin in our Church, in Poland. It is the closest and the most natural way of connecting with God. The joy of being in the world made by our Creator, not the sadness and fear imposed on us by Catholic religious manipulation since our childhood years!