Manifesto - selected quotes - area: the social standards of human existence


[612] "It is more and more frequent in today's world of ubiquitous consumerism that we forget that as human beings, it is worth maintaining the value and living standards developed by the generations of our ancestors, at least to the extent that they can still serve us and our human nature. What is important are our intellectual, cultural values, and tradition as well as the standards arising from them which form our balanced, natural, and continuous living environment and which cannot be replaced with consumerist, momentary "knickknacks", plastic in their essence, regardless how "shiny", "sparkly" they are and how often they repeat "take me, take me!". An artificially created reduction of standards and social behavioral norms, values, level of education or eating habits leads to progressive mediocrity and an increasing superficiality of life, depriving it of the depth the human life deserves."
[614] "The basic element of human defense against the progressing system of consumerist and material slavery is the awareness of the functioning mechanisms of today's world, inextricably related to the level of education and learning independent thinking. Not shallow, manipulated consumerist thinking and living a life solely in a marketing dimension as cog in the wheel of the system with "castrated decision-making", but individual and appropriately broad thinking."
[615] "It is worth knowing your value and honing it. It is worth going to school, studying, it is worth to absorb knowledge both in the domain that interests us as well trust our teachers that we need some subjects in order to later better understand the rest of our gained knowledge. Especially mathematics, through teaching humans logical thinking, develops in us a deeper capability of understanding the world - conducting analyses of particular aspects of reality and later combining them into a holistic view of the world. The world is, in every sense - both material and spiritual, mathematical. Mathematics and the logic it entails is the language that God used to create the world."


[625] "Mediocrity is present not only in the domain of education, the media, or nutrition. Mediocrity also permeates the streets contaminating public space. Let us disapprove of the behaviors of others that threaten our - as well as our families' - freedom, safety, and right to our own Joy. Let us not consent to others' noisiness, profanities, boorishness and intellectual ineptitude, including any ineptitude generating hatred towards another human being. Let us revile their mediocrity and show them socially desired behavioral standards. (...)"