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The Manifesto of the Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE has the role of a literal ideational manifesto - it includes the fundamentals of the philosophy and religion of the Joy of Existence - Ra'i.

The thought included in the Manifesto adopts the activity of an intelligent external creator as the logical and actual reason of human existence. Based on this all-encompassing common denominator the Manifesto will then conduct a logical analysis of the most important areas of the human existence, including his social existence. Open observation of the reality which forms the human being, based on logic, statistics, and the probability theory, constitutes the basis for analysis, conclusion, and description.

Touching upon many spheres in the Manifesto - seemingly not having much in common - is essential to formulate and later appropriately understand the philosophy of Ra'i, which places the human being and his right to a respectable existence in every aspect of reality first.

With over 1000 paragraphs, the Manifesto also includes references to other spheres of the human existence, most importantly a broader analysis of the area of existence of world religions thus far. The main beliefs, philosophies, and religions of the world are discussed in a intelligible manner. Deliberations on the credibility of religious messages and an analysis of the mechanism of "religious infection", the problem of religious manipulation, or the mechanism of the "production of atheists" are carried out on the basis of the major religions today - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. An analysis is conducted on the problem of the possibility of (post) Christian and Islamic civilizational coexistence both in Europe as well as any other location in the world.

We plan on publishing a printed version in the form of a book, therefore we are not currently releasing its entire content.

On the following pages, we are publishing only selected excerpts from the Manifesto, classified according to their themes.

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