Manifesto - selected quotes - area: religious manipulation of children


[523] "The vast majority of religions and churches of the world take advantage of religious manipulation as a means of making people dependent on them - first individuals, followed by entire communities/societies. By taking advantage of the mechanisms of the human psyche they lead the manipulated person to believe that they are the only supplier of the "true and rightful" religion and it is only them who provide access to the highest person of God. It is also only them and the obedient faith in their teachings that is supposed to enable the improvement one's fate or health, and also grant immortality after death or a better incarnation in the next life."
[524] "Very often faith in a given God (for instance Jesus in the case of Christianity or Allah in Islam) is supposed to be the only way to avoid punishment after death - the punishment of eternal flames of hell for the followers' commitment of acts deemed prohibited by these religions - "sins". Additionally, for instance the Christian Roman Catholic Church exclusively attributes to itself the right to absolve (erase the "guilt") people of these deeds (sins) invented by its religion. Thus, avoidance of the eternal hellish punishment, especially atrocious to the human being, for sins made up by the Christian religion is possible only for those who believe and support the Roman Catholic Church."
[527] "Manipulations carried out by religions and their churches on adults, as long as they are conducted with the consent (at least alleged) of those people and do not result in the breaking of law, are permitted - for we cannot forbid an adult person who has free will to voluntarily submit to the influence of an ideology."
[528] "However, some churches' use of religion to manipulate the minds of underage people, most importantly little children, is definitely unacceptable. Any attempts of such manipulation leading to making children dependent on the church, should begin to be, especially in democratic societies, treated as a CRIME targeting minors and be subject to punishment just like other prohibited acts committed by adults against minors."
[529] "A child is unable to defend himself from the ideology passed down to him and is not capable of making any objective judgment. All information passed down to a child coming from particular religions which interpret it in their own way and to the advantage of given churches that deliver it to the child as certain and true are received by the child's psyche with the utmost trust and without any objections, causing the child's consciousness to be shaped in accordance with the intention of the church (or the religion) which performs this manipulation premeditatively."
[534] "While churches may defend themselves against the accusation of manipulation of adults by explaining that they have no intention of making the manipulated persons dependent on them, then in the case of kids the matter of making them dependent in order to benefit from them in the future, considering the vulnerability and naivety of a child's psyche, is indubitable."
[535] "Bearing in mind the highest need to protect children as the weakest individuals and respecting their rights as legitimate members of the human community, The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE CALLS FOR a restriction of the religious message directed towards children aged 12 years old and younger in every society of the common human world, limiting the possibility of subjecting little children to manipulation of a religious nature."
[537] "Details of the legal changes should be developed by legislations of particular countries with a possible inclusion of specific characteristics which are "incredibly important" to their religions. The following instructions are general."


[544] "Every person who claims to have been at some point in their life or to currently be under any manipulation, including religious manipulation, which could have borne/could bear in their view the traces of a crime, is fully entitled to report this to the appropriate law enforcement agency in accordance with the rules applicable in their country. Every person who has a sense of any injustice can also apply to a civil court demanding that the perpetrator repair the harm/damage done to them."