Manifesto - selected quotes - area: general

[137] "(...) Both the philosophy and religion of the Joy of Existence, being an intuitive, simple, and entirely natural way of perceiving the world, are not discovering any new and particularly unknown truths. However, they talk about the world in a slightly different way than before, seeing it as whole and bringing everything that happens in our life and our surroundings into one coherent mechanism of dependencies what we refer to us the world of God."
[138] "(...) The philosophy and religion of Ra'i see the world, followed by the universe of God as one common organism connected by the Unity in God (noticeable at the higher levels of perception), understood as the higher level of cohesion of everything: matter and the total of existing energies including those which constitute the spiritual dimension of our work of creation."
[112] "We know about God and His work as much as He Himself allows us to know, enabling us to perceive the work from within more and more precisely - to observe the world around us; we know as much as we are able to compose together from the millions of human perceptions. For long centuries to come humans will be assembling a picture of the world and finding God in everything around them. This is what we at The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE desire. We want to discover God in every particle of the world which comes to us from Him and gain joy from it which is, in a way, the Creator's reward for us for our presence in His work. We also want to enjoy every scientific discovery which brings us closer to His genius through obtaining new answers to the question of WHY, Y."
[154] "Everything in nature, in its natural course, is in balance. In the entire universe of God, opposite potentials exist and are counterbalanced: "positive" and "negative" ones with an uneven distribution which stems from the work of creation and its laws, thus enabling the functioning of the entirety in accordance with the intention and will of the Creator. Human emotional life in its natural form is also in balance (and it always strives for balance) between states which we perceive as negative (unpleasant) and positive (pleasant), including between: sadness and joy, and suffering and happiness."
[156] "The philosophy and religion of the Joy of Existence promotes the pursuit of developing positive states of being and shaping the micro reality around us so that our positive states outweigh the negative ones."
[984] "The philosophy and religion of Ra'i provides the world what we all need the most - joy from everyday, mundane life, filled with family happiness, work, downtime, self-actualization, and peaceful coexistence with others in the spirit of unity with the entire world which forms and surrounds us. It also gives us Joy from a natural and open contact with God - His energies - in every moment of our existence."
[936] "Let us open to God, while naming Him however we want to, but let us respect those who want to name the same, common God a bit differently. And vice versa. Without mutual respect and understanding of the world, achieved through openness to others, empathy, open education, and perceiving the world as a unity, none of us will be able to fully enjoy life - as a special and unparalleled one, as a gift from the Creator customized exclusively for us, guiding us, however, to exist in a world that is common to everyone."
[938] "You do not have to abandon your previous beliefs to profess the religion of Ra'i - you must generalize them however, perceiving God more broadly than thus far and understanding the mechanisms behind world religions. By professing the Ra'i religion you believe in the Creator, God, who is common to the entire all-universe and who is significantly above any assessment and any local divisions of beings He Himself creates. You believe in a God who also consents to the existence of conflicting earthly religions, because "He is not especially interested" in what anyone has to say to anyone else at any given time, apparently also "about Him". Whatever people wish to say will never be anything more than God HIMSELF does not know or what HE had not previously enabled them to say..."
[857] "(...) Atheism can exist only as a "conventional" rejection of religion and a "conventional" denial of the existence of God as the Creator. Atheism cannot exist on its own and in isolation from the religions it denies, and additionally, which absolute atheism would surely dream of - exist entirely without its creator. This is why atheism can exist solely as a rebellion against theism - the human attempt of naming the Creator made by the existing religions, but not as a "rebellion" against the Creator Himself, therefore also the creator of atheism itself. Everything that exists in our world must have its reason for being, at least its commonly agreed-upon "creator". If atheism wanted to refute the existence of a creator then it would deny the possibility of its own existence."
[199] "The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE is open to the world and people and also open to change. We will never claim to know for certain what reality is like outside the sphere that is becoming known to humanity at a given moment. This is why we do not intend to introduce any dogmas in our religion and our image of God and the world. Simultaneously we are rejecting other religions' arguments as well as their dogmas, treating them as contradictory, definitely archaic, and incongruent with the observable reality which constitutes today's message from God. We have a different, broader, and more wholesome vision of the world than the previous religions."