Manifesto - selected quotes - area: religious reconciliation



[77] "This is why The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE, aware of human needs but also weaknesses, with its philosophy and religion of the Joy of Existence invites all other world religions, their followers and leaders, to attempt to ascend a level higher, to our common dimension of perceiving God, the world, and other religions, and to eliminate disputes through openness to the arguments of contemporary and common (global) logic. Persisting in disputes straight out of several or several dozen centuries ago not only does not do humankind any good, on the contrary - it only strengthens divisions and hatred among human beings, beings who wish for the same across the world: security, freedom, peace, happiness, and joy from the short, earthly existence."
[79] "Religious powers and authorities have the largest potential to change the world. And it's from them that people expect the most."
[80] "Hence the Appeal of The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE to all world religions - their decision makers and followers - is as follows:
Let us go back to the source and there find our common God anew. THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD, regardless of what we call Him. Let us simplify all religions to that which is basic and we will all speak the same language. The different accents we use will only be music to our ears.
Let us be flexible in interpreting our scriptures. Let us not change them, because for centuries they were sacred to our ancestors - let them remain a legacy throughout centuries, but let us treat them as guidance to moral behaviors, and not as unrelenting and rigorous precepts.
It was only people themselves (AND NOT GOD!) who at some point in their history deemed their religious texts and writings as sacred and derived from God. God is significantly above any human religions, traditions, and any human divisions.
Therefore let us take a look at our religious dogmas - are they all still capable of defending themselves? Dogmas were also introduced only by people themselves at the moment of establishing canons of faith and as a result of the interpretation of scriptures. Therefore the same people have to right to either - make these dogmas more flexible or just give them up.
None of us is accountable for history. We are all rather victims of history, because we had absolutely no control over its course and now we have to find ourselves in the roles we were assigned. The religious divisions that we were born with do not serve anyone. If we notice that something in this world, including religion, needs to be improved, then let us just improve it.
Let us not fear the conservative worshippers of our religions. The Creator made sure that everything in this world would be revived through birth and death. Time - also in this sense - is a gift from God."