Manifesto - selected quotes - area: areas of social interaction



[115] "Everything happens exactly the way the Absolute Creator intended/planned it to be, for otherwise we would have to consider the Creator imperfect according to our human measure, which would mean that since we (as the mere effect of His creation) are able to point out some imperfection of His, it makes us, directly speaking: better/"smarter" than Him at some point. It is an obvious logical inconsistency and therefore we cannot even attempt to think that the Creator's work could carry the slightest bit of imperfection. It is as if a sculpture was to accuse the sculptor of not having been created as intended by the sculptor."
[116] "Even if we wanted to assume that a flaw could appear in the work of creation through the Absoluteness of God then this flaw would surely be noticeable solely at the level of the perception of God Himself, therefore it would be far outside of our human ability to notice it. Thus we have absolutely no grounds to believe that the entirety of the Divine creation or any of its elements, including the world around us and us ourselves: our bodies, our acts, our desires, our thoughts, were created in a defective way and based on this, demand from God to make any amends suggested to Him by us ourselves!"
[117] "What does that tell us? Well, what it tells us is that the whole world that surrounds us and us ourselves, everything is exactly as intended by God - the Creator. This, in turn, produces tremendous consequences and forces a re-evaluation of the way we perceive the world, which the existing religions have been accustoming us to for generations."
[118] "Considering the above, The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE formulates and hereby communicates to everyone, the basic truth for the world and the human species, to which it gives the name: The First Truth of Creation, and the second truth that follows, in reference to people, to which it gives the name: The Second Truth of Creation."



[119] "These two Truths of Creation combined with the Three Principles of Coexistence presented further below include all that is most crucial in the philosophy of The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE."
[120] "Because we do not know God's intention and we are unable to even try to guess that intention, we must accept that whatever God wished to expect (expects) from us is what we naturally do and are capable of doing. We can evaluate our behaviors according to that which we find appropriate, but we have no right to claim solely according to our own whim that God expects some behaviors from us more than others. Only that which statistically constitutes the majority of our behaviors can be referred to by people as "more common", and what is statistically a minority can be called "less common". While every human behavior is a "normal" (natural) behavior, instilled in us by God. Therefore we cannot treat any human behavior differently."


[131] "The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE couches (...) three principles, to which it gives the name: Three Principles of Coexistence."

1. Every human being has the right to derive full natural joy from the life given to him or her as long as they are not hurting others.

2. Every human being should share his or her joy of life with others and help those in need.

3. Every human being should support the society he or she lives in using his or her potential and action aimed at developing it and creating a friendly, shared living environment.

[132] "The Three Principles (...) as formulated, despite their generality, express the basic ideas of fair social coexistence intended for respecting others and thus the laws existing in a given society, and also supporting weaker members of the community/society and the community itself. These ideas were not artificially invented by someone. They constitute a group of behaviors statistically "more common" or even "most common" within the entire human species, therefore, also because they are perceived by most as "positive" or in fact "desirable", they can be adopted as a canon shared by the whole species."
[133] "Although God gives people the autonomy to create their own lives according to the will of the individual, God also gives the right to the group to which that individual belongs to establish principles aiming to ensure security and protect the interests of singular individuals as well as the entire group forming the society, including state institutions which represent it."



[449] "A relationship between two people in the form of the institution of marriage which is protected by the state must be treated by all as a decidedly desired, safe, and entirely natural bulwark of values of the human world at the basic social level - the family. (...) Otherwise, nations which fail to deliver its future generations of citizens will eventually inevitably vanish from the face of the earth."
[452] "Concurrently, while it is still not too late, the cause of the strongly negative trend in natural increase in many nations of today's Europe should be pondered upon. The answer is actually quite simple - the Europeans' departure from the balance of natural values of human existence. This is composed of many factors, however, including: past colonialism, capitalism, materialism, prosperity, consumerism, shallow and selfish interpretation of individualism, atheism, and the prosperity-generated social: comfort, "slacking", laziness, and cowardice. (...) What is absolutely necessary is not just providing broad systemic social support to young Europeans in their will to have big families - but most of all, philosophical support. We need to begin developing a "trend" for having children among the young citizens of the old European Union from their early years. A child cannot be treated as a "necessary evil" or a "bottomless piggy bank", but as a miraculous and irreplaceable gift from the Creator/Nature, giving our human existence a special added value. The traditional model of the family, in which having multiple children is the only chance for our values to survive, should be widely supported. (...)


[491] "Each human individual has the obvious right to choose his or her gender in accordance with his or her inner feeling. Everything is created by God, including us as people, thus everything is exactly as it should be. If the Creator intended the world to be diverse then it should not be discussed with or questioned, one should naturally abide by it."
[492] "Through His work of creation God planned two major genders for the human being: female and male, but also for some He planned mixed sexual characteristics allowing those individuals to identify themselves according to their inner choice. (...)"
[495] "If the entire human population consists of at least a couple percent of homosexuals (or bisexuals) then no one, including no society, can curtail the rights of these people to live respectable lives according to their inner choice."
[505] "Our Church, with happiness in God, will marry any non-heterosexual individuals wishing to say "I do" before God and The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE and will bless their marriage, however they will first be required to undergo a full psychological preparatory procedure, just as in the case of heterosexual couples."


[485] "The philosophy of Ra'i treats the use of any addictions which may cause harm to others as exceptionally reprehensible. No one is entitled to deprive others of their joy of life with their behavior, including that which could arise from addictions. All addictions appear similarly in all people, but they make them addicted at a different pace. And the scale of harm of these addictions to those around the addicted individual also differs."
[486] " It is the responsibility of the family and school to raise children in a way that enables them to identify any potential dangers which may emerge in their life. (...) It must be remembered that the joy provided by substances is utterly ostensible and especially misleading and has nothing to do with true joy achieved in a natural state. (...)"