Conversations with God. Prayers

The philosophy and religion of Ra'i' does not impose a way of contacting God on anyone. The way one contacts the Creator is a personal matter for every human being and usually results from his or her previous religious experiences. One can profess the philosophy and religion of Ra'i without changing without changing his or her previous vision of God and the way of contacting Him. However, it is important to understand their limitations due to the lack of their universality in contact with other members of the Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE.

In the Church JE, we present simple ways of contacting God, by significantly simplifying the our believers' relationship with Him. At the same time, we remind you that any attempts of trying to "exactly" name God are not good, because ultimately they always lead to divisions.

Primitive images of God - for example ancient Gods - entire families of the Gods of Sumer, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and later God Jesus, whom the Christian believers imagine as a God-human (who possesses a combination of human and Godly characteristics), can help simple people imagine an immeasurable God, but on the other hand, those images are just taking the easy way out, which can lead to religious kitsch and superficiality of faith (pseudo-religiousness and cultural religiosity). It can also lead to worshipping not God, but - as Islam claims - idols, role models- objects replacing God and taking us away from Him.

The Church JE teaches us that it is unimportant what one believes in - because the most important aspect is faith itself - and the human will never be able to define or name the Divine, God, anyway. However, in order to set up a common canon of religious meetings of our Church, we decided to establish basic common prayers and show how we can pray to God, and how can God be imagined.

Below are some chosen quotes from the Manifesto concerning prayer:

[306] "God is present everywhere, in every particle of reality and its every moment. We are also built entirely from the matter/energy which belongs to the Creator. Due to this, we do not have to search for God somewhere far away, in "the distant great beyond", trying to somehow hail Him - we do not have to force ourselves to believe in confusing religious stories that are detached from reality or perform some complicated rituals, magical, contrived ways of saying prayers, praying the rosary, meditating, etc."
[307] "Because all that forms us is part of the excellently planned and realized work of God, thus we will always be the closest to God by remaining in the equilibrium of states that is natural to the human being and the world, especially designed for us by the Creator. Wishing for our life to run as smoothly for us as possible, let us remain in equilibrium with our thoughts, words, actions, possession, and relationships with others in a way that we feel results directly from our nature, our individual "I" assigned to us."
[308] "Every conversation we have with ourselves is heard by God, though God does not intend to interfere in our life more than results from the processes granted to the world by the work of creation, which build the natural equilibrium of states, including assigning us various traits which shape our life's path. However, when we do consciously direct energy to God in the form our thoughts and words then this focused message has a chance of being heard by God as our plea for additional, supernatural support."
[309] "A conscious direction of our thoughts, words, concerns, and requests to God helps us. It helps us through the possibility of receiving energetic support of a higher energy and also through the awareness itself of having a supernatural guardian in our life. Even without using the support of God's higher energy we are able to feel more assured and more secure in life, being convinced/having faith that we are not alone in this life, because God is accompanying us. As humans, we cannot consciously act multidimensionally at once and therefore designating a regular time to devote solely to talking to God, to prayer, is much needed in our life."
[310.2] "We should designate special moments (once/twice a day) dedicated by us to our encounters with God. Our conversation with God should be the basic element of these encounters, as opposed to an emotionless repetition of memorized religious formulas while our thoughts wander off elsewhere. God does not need to be hailed in any special way - directing words to Him, even if only in your mind, will suffice. The conversation should be done in concentration, it should be honest and complete (deep).
  Let us completely open up to God and ask Him how to solve a given problem that is worrying us; let us trust God, that as the Creator of all things looking down on us from the highest perspective, He is able to provide us the best solution to every problem. It is possible that we will receive the answer from God through a sudden impulse, a thought coming from external space. Not receiving an answer could mean that perhaps it is too soon to solve the problem and that we should wait, and maybe the problem will soon resolve "itself".
  Parallel to this intimate talk with God we can ask Him for that which is important to us. We should articulate our requests clearly and consciously. Our pleas must come from within us, they must be generated by our "heart". The more unified we are with our pleas the more powerful they can be. Visualizing the fulfillment of a request also brings good results. Try to envision an image in your mind containing the fulfillment of your request but do not force it. Try to create the image for so long as to notice clear shapes and events taking place according to your desire. Open up completely to God's energy and let it do its work and at a certain moment you will feel that the desired event "already exists realistically", beginning to slowly emerge from a collection of possible events. A deep prayer/request fortified by visualization can greatly help attract desired events, although the reality that follows, one for everyone, is the resultant of many different reasons as well as many contradictory requests and attractions. The closer our request is to the area that is natural and possible to happen in the human world, the more of a chance there is for our prayer/request to be fulfilled."
[311] "It does not matter what prayer you use. Just as it does not matter how you call the God to whom you are directing your prayer. If it helps you then you can call God: Jesus, Allah, Vishnu/Krishna, Buddha, etc. However, we call God GOD (and also generally: The Creator, God Almighty or Absolute), because giving God any names, including the wording of the existing religious nomenclature, makes us attribute to Him traits and assessments that are entirely strange to Him. (...)"
[313] "If you have the need to do so, you can visualize God or His energy any way you want to facilitate your contact with Him. You can use Angels as the medium if visualizing them may make your contact with the Creator easier. You can also direct your prayers to them, for instance to your personal Guardian Angel. The vast majority of gods, saints, ancestors' spirits, good and evil spirits, or other subjects of faith, leads to the blurring of the sphere of faith and God imagined by most of us to be a point, rather than a dispersed, source of Power. Therefore it is definitely better to focus on a single symbol of God, especially if using one standard image of God the Creator is crucial to the unification of the religious community, instead of creating a multitude of His representations."
[314] "This is why The Church of the Joy of Existence, adopting the presence of God all around us while realizing the human need for an "anchor" that will enable a quantifiable image of non-quantifiable things to form, will use the following symbols to facilitate our followers'closeness to God:

  • God will be imagined as a ring/ball of light radiating across the whole all-universe of the work of creation, at the same time symbolizing the entirety of the work of creation;
  • The pictogram of YOM, which concentrates and accumulates Divine power to later pass it over to its surroundings, will be the symbol of The Religion of the Joy of Existence;
  • Human contact with God can be aided by Angels - identified as shining entities/higher beings who are closely related to God."

The basic prayer of The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE is as follows:

(For those who are still looking for happiness and fulfillment in their life)

"Lord God, the Creator, the owner of my existence - my life and death, thank You for the given awareness of existence in Your world. Thank You for the beauty of this world, its greatness, diversity, harmony, and balance. Thank You for the joy of my existence and I ask for it to last in me forever.
I ask You for help in making my plans a reality and in finding happiness and fulfillment in life and to never lose them.
I ask You for good health for my loved ones and for myself and peace for the whole world. I ask for the possibility for everyone to find their place in life and find natural joy of existence in unity with Your entire universe".