Our mission

The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE aims to successively change the world, by making it a more friendly place to live for everyone, regardless of their material possessions, religion, nationality, skin color, political views, sexual preferences, etc. We are all "children" of ONE God - the Creator and the owner of our existence, and one great world family, regardless of our attitude to it.

The JE Church's intention is to naturally connect everyone - from the descendants of those who now call themselves Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Shintoists, Sikhs, Baha'is and many other religious groups, including Satanists, to people who are "suspended" in trust in religion and... atheists. Yes - atheists, because regardless of what they claim to be and how much they try to deny the existence of God, they cannot exist without the existence of their Creator.

The JE Church wants to stimulate local communities all over the world and encourage them to take their lives into their own hands, in terms of raising higher awareness about the fact that we can actually influence authorities in establishing rights for a wide range of people, and not just the privileged groups. It also wants to teach people that the Church can provide measurable help in creating and helping to manage local communities and local businesses within the areas of residence of the Church's members .

Moreover, the JE Church wants to create a support platform - the Foundation of Joy of Existence. This foundation will be responsible for promoting the idea of helping others and sharing their joy of existence. Once the Foundation has reached its full operational capacity, it will support particular valuable national and local foundations.

To change the world to a better environment of common existence for all we must face tremendous work. The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE has compiled the most important tasks into 12 points and called them The Twelve Necessities of the World [M151]. The Twelves Necessities of the World today are:

1. The necessity of philosophical/religious self-control in daily life, pursuing partnership, pursuing cooperation for common good, sharing ourselves with others, deriving Joy from sharing our existence with the world.

2. The necessity of counteracting extreme differences in material possession: the richest and the poorest. (Not by limiting the wealth of the richest, but solely by impeding the enormous speed of its future growth, which will translate into the necessary, also for the existence of the rich, improvement in the living conditions of the poor).

3. The necessity of raising higher social awareness about the harms of the cult of materialism and consumerism. (As the paraphilosophies which strongly oppress humankind, enabling full control over people in a world without traditional wars - beginning with economic control closely followed by literal control).

4. The necessity of increasing the educational level of societies.

5. The necessity of counteracting tendencies to make the dimension of human life superficial ("mediocrity").

6. The necessity of increasing social awareness, the need to help and support others.

7. The necessity of expanding local, horizontal ownership structures: communities and cooperatives, as a way of enabling larger groups within societies to get rich than is currently happening.

8. The necessity of protecting the natural human living environment - preserving it also for the future generations.

9. The necessity of gradually limiting excessive natural increase.

10. The necessity of effectively fighting crime and reducing the costs spent by societies to keep prisoners, including recidivists.

11. The necessity of counteracting religious manipulation of children.

12. The necessity of protecting the lives of unborn children.