About us

The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE is a new, modern, and holistic philosophical, religious, and social initiative from Poland. The Church JE is still just an IDEA. We are just starting out; all our plans require work, time, and money. And unfortunately, we lack all of those. That is why we need you! - your commitment to introduce our common ideas.

Currently, we are a small group of people who share similar ideas and opinions about the world and the human as well as the Creator's approach to our work of creation, and to us - people. Due to the geographical distance, for now we are unable to organize regular meetings. Some of us are present in the Church in spirit, thought, and everyday existence in the philosophy of the Joy of Existence.

Remember! - The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE is not only an organized community that is supposed to hold religious meetings in person. The JE Church is also more than that: it is also an informal and socially unrelated and casual philosophical community of people with a similar perception of the world, thoughts, opinions - a community of supra-material coexistence.

That is why you can join us physically, or just sympathize with us - you do not have to do anything against your will in life. On the other hand, life is very short...

The creator of our church is Piotr June (Peter June). In 2014 Piotr wrote down his thoughts about God, the world, and human and called them: Manifesto of the Church of Joy, at the same time laying the groundwork for the creation of The Church of Joy. In 2018 we have decided to clarify the name of The Church of Joy by introducing a small change to The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE.