Support us

Now, unfortunately it's time for the sad prose of life...

We have revolutionary ideas, determination to act and change the world, but it is impossible to change the world without money.

In order to achieve the goals of our Church in the global scale, really big money is needed, but hopefully, everything will come with time...

The Church of the Joy OF EXISTENCE is planning to conduct its own particular activity in the future, so that it would be able to provide for ITSELF and promote the Ra'i philosophy ITSELF, and share it with others, but for now, we definitely need YOUR measurable, financial support!

If you want to support us, the best solution for the Church, it would be to set up a regular monthly payment order. Let it be 20 USD, maybe 50 USD per month or more, but let this support be regular. We are asking for it, because only this way will the Church be able to develop increasingly.

If you are also able to do so, you can always support us with a larger one-time amount. For honorary donors - permanent - and donors of larger amounts, it is possible to automatically become a member of the Church Council (details will be sent on request).

If you support us financially and provide (for example in correspondence) your e-mail, we will send you regular reports on the spending of funds, including the money you entrusted us. We do not want your support for ourselves, but only for the development of the CHURCH and extensive media promotion of our ideas.

All JE Church finances will be transparent, as our Church is established as a community, with a clearly defined vision and rules in order to be able to efficiently propagate its vision.

Support for our Church can now be sent to the organization representing interests of the Church, the Community of Joy of Life Association.

Our Association's data:

  • - Stowarzyszenie Wspólnota Radości Życia (no.SZ-10 in the register of standard associations of President of Sosnowiec)
  • - 41-200 Sosnowiec, ul. 1 Maja 31, Poland
  • - (TIN) NIP: 6443525957
  • - Regon: 366573092

Bank details:

  • Stowarzyszenie Wspólnota Radości Życia, PL 41-200 Sosnowiec, ul. 1 Maja 31
  • 46 1600 1462 1838 6135 4000 0001   (BGŻ BNP Paribas O. Katowice)

Those who are willing to become our more permanent financial partners, please click here.

You can also support us through the popularization of our ideas and the philosophy of Ra'i or in the initiative of starting a JE Church - you can do this by telling others about the JE Church, but also by sharing our ideas on the Internet and other media.

You can also support us simply through word, thought, or prayer.

Thank you for all kinds of support

Here is what the JE Manifesto says about sharing with others. It does not apply only to the support of the Church, but to general sharing your abilities and potential with others:

[642] "All people in the world, regardless of their possession, should live by the common moral principle: YOU HAVE LESS, I HAVE MORE, THEREFORE I FEEL COMPELLED TO HELP YOU!"

[643] "The Church of Joy recommends its sympathizers and followers to constantly share their income with others. We should donate a minimum of 1/20 to supporting others, meaning a minimum of 5% of our income (after paying the required taxes to the state), making this activity the standard of our life. We can donate these funds to our chosen social initiative or assistance activity in the form of, for instance, a monthly standing order from the bank or making a single, larger, "ritual" donation - for example once a year. In a situation where we cannot afford the recommended higher donation or we prefer to help others directly through our work, we should do unpaid charity work (of an equal value to the potential donation) for our community - helping those in need, the elderly, helping to run a chosen foundation, association, hospice, doing short-term volunteer work, etc."

[644] "Fulfilling the religious and philosophical duty of sharing ourself with others is a symbol of our unity with the world of God in our daily, material, and spiritual existence."